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into a powerhouse E-commerce store.
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Steam Detail

The Objective

  1. Create a user-friendly loyalty app for EcoShynes clients that would help keep track of their “Steam Stamps” easily.
  2. Help Ecoshyne increase customer engagement with current news, promotions, discounts, ect… through the app.

The Challenge

  1. We wanted to make sure the app was intuitive for clients to use beyond the “Steam Stamp”.
  2. Educating the client on the matter of promotions, sales, discounts while not overwhelming them with information.

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App Screens


The challenge.

Their previous mobile site needed updates. Users communicated process to the site's content was difficult. Further, because the client was a new to the industry and a specialist within this industry, clients were not aware and did not understand the scope of their services.

The Objective.

USER: The objective is for the users to access content thought out the site with ease. We also wanted to educate users the variety of services the shop provided, their history and easy access to their location.

Business: Reduce the mobile bounce rate, educate the client , answer any questions the client may have and most importantly, increase customer engagement that would lead to closed business.

Colors and Typo.


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